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Resonators Removal?

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Hey Guys
I have an 07 4x4 Crew LE with an Flowmaster 50 Delta series 2 in and 2 out on the side. My question is do I have resonators that cam be removed and replaced with a straight pipe ? I have done that in the past looking for a bit more sound or do I have cats that need to be changed to high flow versions. I'm sure second option is much more expensive. Would either trip any light or codes.
Thanks in advance for your help much!!
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You have a 4x4, therefore it actually has 4 cats, unlike the 4x2 which has 2 cats and 2 resonators. (this is AFAIK, as was the case on 06 and earlier Titans.) You can still remove the second set of cats and replace with a constant radius resonator, this is what I did. Complete removal of the cats/resos leads to popping and crackling (doesn't sound to good.) The portion you'd be dealing with is located between the headers and the "cat-back" portion, commonly known as the "B pipe." Try searching for "reso delete" for more info.
Thanks for the info would replacing with these new sesonators or perhaps 2 high performance cats be better which would sound better???
You're not likely to see any gains with replacing cats for other cats, high performance or not. I used two Dynomax bullet mufflers in place of the factory resonators.

Check this post for more info:
i used singel chamber flow masters to add tone but the poping and cracking will continue it sounds nice but you have the poping
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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