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Results of Black Friday Shopping

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Hello All - The wife went shopping with friends at 4 am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I figured I might as well have some fun "shopping" too. I had an '04 Silverado 2500 Reg. Cab Long Bed and wanted something a little more useful since I am newly married and probably going to start a family within a year or so. I gave Ford, Chevy and Dodge more than their opportunity to sell me their product, but when I went to the Nissan garage not only did I like the Titan better, but got a better deal. I lost my a$$ on my trade-in, but that was going to happen everywhere. I ended up test driving a couple different Titans and ended up (unfortunately after calling for wife's approval) with a Smoke '08 SE Titan CC LB 4x4. I'm extremely pleased with the truck and look forward to contributing to and getting a lot of good information from this forum. I'm glad to now be on board! As soon as we get some decent weather (hopefully this weekend) here in SW Pennsylvania, I'll try to get a pic posted.
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Excellent! Welcome to the forum. You won't be dissappointed with your purchase (and I'm glad the wife approved:lol:). There is more than enough information/people to answer any question you might have here. I'm looking foward to seeing that land yacht. :cheers:
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