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This is my first post (new Titan owner), so please bear with me.

I bought my Titan since we are planning to pull our RV which we will be living in full time. I'm looking for retractable bed cover options for the Titan, but since we are a family of three with bikes, I'm looking for an option which would accommodate a crossbar rack system so that I can put a few bike racks on top of it.

So far, I've only 2-3 option, with the best one being Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit (

I don't know much about my Titan (yet) or truck covers. Have any of you found a good solution for mounting bikes on top of a retractable cover? I'd also be willing to try a DIY project if someone can point me in the right direction or show me something that's already been done.

Thanks for the help!

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I didn't have a cover on my Titan. Instead I had a topper with rack rails. I could mount bikes on top of that and the topper gave me a lot more storage space in the bed. The only time I got water in the bed was when I went to the car wash. A rain storm wouldn't leak water into the bed.
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