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Retrax Retractable Cover?

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Has anyone seen this bed cover? I just received an email reply as follows:

We do have a model that fits with the rack system and some of the options.
Bed divider and bed extender yes, others no

Thank you

I wrote asking would their cover work without removing the UtiliTrac, and that was their reply. The cover appears to be just what I am looking for, but I would like some opinions if anyone has one.
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smoketitan said:
yeah i just emailed these guys about the utility track system
I phoned the company who said they would be interested in giving us a group price.

It IS a drilled install, by the way.

Reg price is $889, they'll do $789 if we get 20 members that want the top. I think we should negotiate for a lower price, cuz I've seen this top advertised for $800 on the web.

Let me know. I'm also going to research the paragon cover of the same design.

Your loving FAQ Moderator,

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smoketitan said:
that is true how much drilling are we talking??

They told me 2 holes on each side, which keeps the cover ABOVE the utilitrack, preventing interference with it. Sounds like they're too cheap to make new brackets that go around it.

If folks are interested, let me know. I'm also going to contact Peragon has the SAME type of cover, but it's $499. Don't know about the quality and such. I'll let you know when I find out.

smoketitan said:
Im in--anychance you could do some reseach on the pace edwards bedlocker for a group discount
The Pace Edwards is basically an electric powered Truxedo cover, from what I understand. I want one made from Lexan or Aluminum. That's why I'm looking at the Peragon and the Retrax

casique said:
The Peragon does not fit the utily-track! I talked to the company already. :eh:
Damn. It's such a nice price, as compared to the 800 clams required for the other one.

I think we could get a much better price than the $789 they quoted me. That was just the first round. I bet we can get closer to $700 if dealers are selling them for $800

I don't think I'll be getting the Retrax. Even at $789 (assume we can get enough to buy it), I think it's just too rich for my blood.

HS (Babius On Wayus, Havus No Moneyus)
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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