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Retrax Retractable Cover?

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Has anyone seen this bed cover? I just received an email reply as follows:

We do have a model that fits with the rack system and some of the options.
Bed divider and bed extender yes, others no

Thank you

I wrote asking would their cover work without removing the UtiliTrac, and that was their reply. The cover appears to be just what I am looking for, but I would like some opinions if anyone has one.
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yeah i just emailed these guys about the utility track system
Im down let me know, as the ARE LS II they are waning $1200 installed her in CA. and 700 would be about right I think--I wantt a hard top for security, both I am not really willing to spend 1200 just on a cap
that is true how much drilling are we talking??
Im in--anychance you could do some reseach on the pace edwards bedlocker for a group discount
Half Shovel said:
They told me 2 holes on each side, which keeps the cover ABOVE the utilitrack, preventing interference with it. Sounds like they're too cheap to make new brackets that go around it.

If folks are interested, let me know. I'm also going to contact Peragon has the SAME type of cover, but it's $499. Don't know about the quality and such. I'll let you know when I find out.


oh thats intersting, I saw one in town on a f150 that was hard cover that you could stand on up to 275lbs. either way count me in
I just got this message from retrax

Thank you for your interest in RETRAX. We believe
we have the best designed and built rigid retractable
pickup bed cover on the market. Our customers
have become our greatest sales tool because they
believe it too.
Here are some of the highlights from the web site.

The RETRAX has a very unique construction
using a one piece of polycarbonate almost 3/4" thick. Lexan
is a common name for this hi tech thermoplastic which
is used for bullet-proof glass and fighter jet windshields.

For extra strength we embed tempered aluminum I-beams
through it more than every 5". On the ends of these I-beams are mounted
precision sealed-for-life ball bearing rollers that ride inside the
rails and into our unique spiral track storage system in front.

There are no joints or hinges to freeze, fail or fill
with debris. We have no need for springs or pull straps
to fight with when opening or closing the bed cover. Our cover
does not roll up like a window shade. It does not even touch
itself when it retracts into the front, no extra wear and tear.
There are also anti-bind bearings that are mounted sideways on
each corner so it rolls smoothly with out binding no matter how
you pull the RETRAX open or closed.

It is a very strong design, strong enough to stand on
yet it can be rolled open or closed easily with one hand.
We built it that way for security and to handle heavy snow loads.
You can view it in operation at

The RETRAX remains stable and quiet at highway speeds.
The RETRAX cover and rails are gloss black which requires
no special care and looks great on today's pickups. Just treat
it the same way you do the paint finish on your truck. The
rolling cover is made black throughout, not just coated or painted
on the top. It is also made with UV protection built into it so our
bed cover handles the sun very well.

The whole system is designed to be weather-tight by using
automotive grade weather-strip seals all the way around. The
rolling cover is sealed with felt-lined rubber, like that used around
the front windows on today's trucks. This allows for smooth
movement and keeps the cover from freezing shut. The RETRAX
really does work in any climate, much better than the others claim to.

The RETRAX bed cover can be latched or key locked in any
position from all the way open to all the way closed giving you greater
hauling flexibility for larger size cargo and 5th wheel towing.
Compare this with only the 2 or 3 positions that others offer.
You also are not required to use a key unless you want to lock it.

There is no drilling required, installation is simple using just a
9/16" wrench and a phillips screwdriver and takes about an hour.
If needed the complete system can be quickly and easily removed.

Many of our sales are direct to the end user like yourself.
We do have a free informational video that helps explain the RETRAX
and how it works. Let me know if you would like to receive one.
We carry a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee so we do not
have unhappy customers. We also have a one year no-hassle warranty.

The price for your Titan is $889
Not all of the utility bed options can be used.

Shipping runs $32-$55 using FedEx ground or UPS. There are
many advantages to our design. I brought up a few of them.
If you have any questions or would like to order,
please give me a call.

Thanks again,
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the guy sent me the instuctions if folks want it, for the petrax--I am intersted--it does require drilling though
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