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Returning To Stock

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Look in my sig. Everything's for sale. Make offer.
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pm sent ....
PM Sent. What vehicle is next after you sell the Titan?
how much for the

QX56 woodgrain shifter console
QX56 woodgrain steering wheel
QX56 leather center console lid
Ill take the timming advance.....

No seriuosly....interested in the CAI

Pm sent
ill take the bug deflector, I really need one.. I started noticing about 6 dings in my hood from rocks !
PM on sent on the HID'S
any update to whats spoken for?
Sorry guys. Just logged on and noticed I have 14 pms. Let me look through the pms and see what's what.
Ok...looks like I have to take pics and send them out to those that requested first. Then I'll have to sit down and figure out pricing since nobody wants to make an offer without pics. Locals will have dibs, as I don't really want to bother with shipping, but looks like I'll have to ship to move this stuff quickly. Those interested in a package deal will also have dibs since it'll be easier on me to send multiple items to one shipping address. I'll go ahead and give a response to all the pms. Thanks guys for your interest.
spoonman said:
any update to whats spoken for?
Nothing is spoken for. First come, first serve.
All pms sent back.
pm sent about hids, nav, and taillights
id like some pics of the wheels also.
Alright folks, here's the deal. I can't get pics from my camera phone to my computer. If you guys have camera phones, I can send pics directly to your phone. In the meantime, I'm trying to borrow someone's digital camera to make this much easier. Every item for sale is still on the truck, so the pics you'll receive will basically be pics of the interior and exterior of my truck showing everything that is for sale. All the local folks are encouraged to come down and take a look for yourself. I spent half the day yesterday responding to PMs. I'll need time to remove these items from my truck once payment is received. So far:

QX56 woodgrain steering wheel - sold to UDMTITAN pending payment
HIDs - Sold to neighbor last night
Here is a picture of ray's truck!


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rays05titanse said:
All pms sent back.

I sent you a PM yesterday, but didn't get a reply. I resent it. Let me know.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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