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Returning To Stock

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Local DFW guys, see my thread in the buy/sell section. Everything has to go. Trying to save my home. My renters abandoned and trashed my home. If you local guys are interested in some things, you'll have dibs because I don't want to bother with shipping if I can avoid it. Thanks.
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Hey Ray, we are here if you need us to help do anything........clean, build, repair, you name it ok!
rays05titanse said:
Yeah, still here. Not very active anymore though. Looks like I'm going to lose, so I didn't want to ask you guys for the help that was offered. Just a bad time for me right now.
Ray, you didn't have to ask for is there whenever you need it! Even to get together for a drink! Hang in there, was just wondering about you! Get in touch if you need anything ok?
rays05titanse said:
Guys, thanks for the encouragement. I got a bit lucky that a guy at my job is in need of a place to stay so he wants to rent it out, which will help me out greatly. My mortgage company on that home is now willing to work out something for me to catch up so as to avoid foreclosure. At this point, I'm in need of sheetrock repair the most. I'll get with Bryan and see if he can help me out since that's his area of expertise.
Ray, let me know also.........I would love to come and help. At least moral support. :)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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