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Returning To Stock

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Local DFW guys, see my thread in the buy/sell section. Everything has to go. Trying to save my home. My renters abandoned and trashed my home. If you local guys are interested in some things, you'll have dibs because I don't want to bother with shipping if I can avoid it. Thanks.
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BigRedTitan said:
Sorry to hear this Ray. If you need a hand on some of the fix up, give me a call. I'll help you with what I can. Let me know.
Thanks Bryan. I really appreciate the offer. My renter hasn't paid rent in 2 months. I show up to find out what's up since I didn't get any return phone calls. This guy is all packed up and gone. Mortgage on that home is 2 months behind. I'm being threatened with foreclosure so now I have to go through drastic measures to try to save my home and my credit. I have to sell the Busa and rape my Titan. Sorry for the rant. This is tearing me up.
lanespd200 said:
Hey Ray, we are here if you need us to help do anything........clean, build, repair, you name it ok!
Thanks John.
Wow guys. I appreciate all the the responses. I haven't been on here in a bit. Well, the biggest thing with the house right now is that the guy had wall mounted tvs and left holes in the walls and the house needs sheetrock repair and painting. The place is filthy. Ruined the brand new carpet I had installed when he moved in. Luckily only the upstairs is carpeted. I guess he was a party animal. The neighbors tell me he had parties all the time. Something leaked down through the kitchen ceiling from the second floor that he did his best to disguise. Police didn't do anything because "it's not a crime to move out". The best I can do is take the lease and file for property abandonment and pay a fee for someone to find him and serve him for unpaid rent and damages. I'm working on that, but the bottom line is it doesn't pay for the mortgage in the meantime. I don't have the $$$ to cover the mortgage so I called up the mortgage company and they will be sending me out a hardship package to fill out in hopes that this route will avoid foreclosure. Now I regret not having a property management do the leasing for me.

As for the Titan, I sold a couple things but I just couldn't bring myself to totally strip my ride. It feels good to have a circle of stellar folks such as all of you willing to help me out. It means a lot.
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Yeah, still here. Not very active anymore though. Looks like I'm going to lose, so I didn't want to ask you guys for the help that was offered. Just a bad time for me right now.
Guys, thanks for the encouragement. I got a bit lucky that a guy at my job is in need of a place to stay so he wants to rent it out, which will help me out greatly. My mortgage company on that home is now willing to work out something for me to catch up so as to avoid foreclosure. At this point, I'm in need of sheetrock repair the most. I'll get with Bryan and see if he can help me out since that's his area of expertise.
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