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Reversed Valves, TB Bypass Mod

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Reversed Valves, TB Bypass Mod


Nothing mind boggling about this. Just a clear pic of how I ran the Bypass. I don't know for sure, but I think the original was done in OEM order. Since it doesn't matter what direction the flow is, through the TB, I reversed the in and out to simply get the hoses and valves laid in easier. That is why I call this the Reversed Valves, TB Bypass Mod. Hose clamps don't touch, hose doesn't rub anything, self supporting since the hose is so short. All valves bought at local hardware store. Just wanted to share, what I found to be the neatest way. Hope it helps someone.


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I'm completely ignorant when it comes to engine performance stuff for our trucks, what exactly does this modify/replace/accomplish John???

Its a bypass which stops engine coolant (read: hot fluid) from flowing through the throttle body. The hot coolant (sounds like an oxymoron) flows through the TB to help the engine run better at cold and below freezing temps.
What he has done here is used a valve so he has a choise to bypass it or not.
There is much sceptism whether this mod actually has any gains. I think it might have some gain but probably very little. Maybe 1-5HP just a guess.
UCF hit it on the head, perfectly.

The warm coolant helps prevent the TB Butterfly from freezing in the coldest winter. But more importantly, it looks good!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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