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Revotec Black Headlights Beware!!!

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Just Got These And Installed On Tuesday. Had Heavy Rain Last Night Now There Is Condensation Inside The Headlamp! Damn! They Look Good But Gonna Return Them, Maybe I'll Just Stick To The Oem's

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It's about time we had some rain. Are those the headlights off of ebay?
thanks for the heads up. i saw the same type on ebay.
Yeah, there from ebay. Has anyone else bought these and had the same problem?
Wost case you have to open them and reseal them properly.. it's a pita since it's a slow process
i always run a bead of silicone along the seams of any aftermarket lights i use..
How much did you pay for them?
There's another thread on here about these lights. Someone said there are vents for breathing but they only cause condensation. I'll try to find it.
yea, thanks for the heads up. These "vents" If the stocks dont have them then why do the revotecs need them?
They Were $242 Total Including Shipping. I Since Talked To Revotec And They're Willing To Replace If It Continues. If I Get Replacements I'll Definatley Use Silcone To Reseal!

Gyrate-it Sounds Like A Pita, You Have To Heat Them Up Like In The Oven And Melt Or Something Right? With My Luck, I'll End Up F**ckin Up Even More!

Billaj-thanks If You Can Find That Thread!
glad to hear they're steppin up to take care of you.
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so i just ordered halo light for my titan and i can not find a way to contact the sender for them and its revotec and cant find a number to contact them does anyone know it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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