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First I have any signal problems (using mid grade 6 cd unit). I would suggest as a test that if you are one thinging you have signal problems, look at the display - if you see "ST" - you don't have signal problems (from the manual) - in that case you probably have something else wrong.

As far as the Radio to CD volume level - I would test that with engine off while parked. If you switch between the 2 while driving - who knows how that SSV thing works - i.e. does it start back at normal level when you switch? Who knows?

Do you have a tape deck at home? Play a tape - don't adjust volume then switch to CD - (or radio, or Phono etc) that's the nature of the beast in my opinion. AUX input - nope, I don't care what "digital" device you plug into to that - sorry, Its analog as soon as it comes out of your device. Different kinds of signals here. radio will never sound (or be) as full as CD - and we're interpreting that as "not as loud".

Other stereos may make adjustments for that to fool us, but it is what it is - My two cents. :)
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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