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RF System with Navi what are the ports

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Does anyone know what the ports are on the back of the stereo? I just bought an Ipod interface kit found here at "www axxes interface .com" (I am not allowed to post URL's yet) via ebay. hooked it all up and had the airbag BS, dealer wanted $90 but I found the sticky in this forum on how to reset it. woot woot.(Thanks to all those who contributed to that sticky) Anyways more to the point in order for me to plug in the axxess box into the stereo I had to unplug something from the stereo and I was wondering what it was that I unplugged to plug in the axxess interface. I thought it was just probably the Aux port on the front stereo bezel but then I noticed that, the aux port on the front bezel is only 3 wires and the plug I have removed has 6 or 7 wires. So now I am thinking that it may be the Aux port plus the rear audio controls but I was hoping that someone could confirm and had some more info on just what those 5 plugs on the back of the stereo are none of them are labeled :(
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The cable you unplugged from the rear of the radio to plug in your Axxess interface was the cable for the Nissan satellite receiver. This input is only used when the satellite radio is present. All of the Titans with the 6CD midline radio and Rockford systems are prewired for the Nissan satellite box. The cable that would connect to the satellite receiver is dangling under the dash just above the brake pedal.
As I understand the Axxess box, it has two sets of audio inputs which would allow both the ipod and an aftermarket satellite receiver to be plugged in at the same time. You then use the Nissan controls to select which audio input to be active.

The satellite receiver I was referring to above was the OEM Nissan box which uses the radio display and is controlled via the radio controls (ie, channel selection, etc.). You would not be able to use the OEM satellite with the Axxess interface installed.
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