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Ring and Pinion options for TrueTrac?

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Are there any aftermarket ring and pinion options that work with the TrueTrac differential?

I have Big Tow, so my gears are 3.36. As I understand it, there are no 3.36 gears that you can purchase from Nissan, and no OEM options in that gearing. Are there 32 spline options that work with the TrueTrac in other gears (3.73, etc)?
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Nissan Titan - Differential Gears

Until quite recently, they also listed gears in 4.10 and 4.56 for the M205 (front diff).

Nissan Titan Front (M205) Differential Gears?!? | Blog | Rugged Rocks Off Road - Nissan Off Road Parts and Accessories

Front diff = M205 and rear diff = M226 Nissan designates the diff by the size of the ring gear in mm.
If you remember, I took my truck to a generic shop who removed the cover and said spider gears shot, R&P fine.

OK, so I ordered all the rebuild kits and the TrueTrac. Original shop then says they don't want to install my parts.

OK, so I take it to a differential shop, who I should have used in the first place. They say R&P is wearing, too, and needs replacement. Well crap, I already got everything else and now I'm left scrambling for R&P.

I don't need 4.10 and 4.56, and if 3.36 isn't available I want something as close to that as I can get.

I'm screwed.
I would call Arizona Differential and see if they have a good 3.36 ring & pinion set they can ship.
They have them for $175 - thanks again Bestatchess.
I spoke to Superior, who had the R&P in 3.73 and higher, not 3.36. 3.73 was my best option I thought, but the guy at Superior said a Nissan Dealer could find just the R&P if they were willing to "put in the work". They gave Fontana Nissan's number, but the guy there said no dice.

So I called Arizona Differential and they said they buy a bunch of complete rear ends "off the rack" and part them out, and just got 10 in so I was in luck. They said under 5k miles on them, so should be in good shape. Price was good, ships today, they saved me.
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