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Last week, I joined the “damaged rear diff club”. Thankfully, I was very slowly backing up when damage occurred. I didn’t notice the fluid leaking out of the rear diff until I attempted to drive off. I head a loud clunk and the rear end felt bound up. Long story short, after the tow home and rear diff cover removed, I found that one of the ring gear retaining bolts sheared off after contacting the housing and gouging the rear diff cover. The alarming part of this situation is the 2 more of the bolts were also loose, one was hardly finger tight! I removed the sheared bolt, replaced and applied locktight and retorqued all bolts on the ring gear,
I’m the original owner of this truck, and no one has been in that rear end. I just curious how 3 of the bolts that are lock tight(ed) and torqued to 146 foot pounds comes loose after almost 11 years.

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