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Road Trip help...

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Hey guys need some help… Not really a Titan specific question but I thought I could get some help here.

My son joined the Army last Nov and has completed his Basic, AIT and Airborne schools in GA and is on his way to Ft Bragg NC. This week I am driving his ’06 Titan 4x4 CC from PHX AZ to Ft Bragg NC so he can have his truck. His truck has a 6” lift, Big Nitto tires with NO mud flaps, Flow Master cat-back and dark tinted windows. All perfectly legal in AZ.

My question: Should I be worried about being pulled over for vehicle modifications while traversing through NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC? I’m especially interested in NC where my son will be driving it for the next 4 years (while not on deployment). Is NC anal about lifted trucks or aftermarket exhaust? Will he need to pull the tint or install mud flaps?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Some counties in NC have emissions testing, but if it's just a cat back I don't see why it would fail. Tint really depends on the officer's mood at the time. Lifted truck in the South? We probably have more on the road than cars. They won't even notice that it's lifted.
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