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Roadmaster Active Suspension

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Getting ready to tow my 16' enclosed Wells Cargo Trailer down to Hatfield McCoy 620 miles one way. I have a 2007 SE Non big tow Non off road package.
iI installed a aftermarket hitch made by valley Rated @ 600lb Tongue weight and 1000 with load distributing set up? this is the part were i get lost my trailer and receiver is set up with Trosin bars is this the same thing? I also installed a prodigy electric break module and all three relays needed. The roadmaster active suspension should be arriving any day now a read some were that when installing you have to remove the roller which sets on top of the leaf spring, does anyone have a pic on this? Forgot to metion I ordered the HD Roadmaster. any other tips towing with a non big tow would be appericated.
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Have you checked similar threads at bottom of this page ??? - vvvvvvvv

Good luck
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