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Rock Sliders...

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I'd like some rock sliders for my '17 Pro-4x and can't find any...can someone point me towards some? Closest I've found are some stout-looking nerf bars on Amazon (Tyger Auto TG-AM2N20168) and something from NFab, N-FAB RKR-Rails with Detachable Steps - C074RKRCC .

I don't plan on rock crawling but do end up on short radius turns thru big rocks every fall while bird hunting and am worried about the side of my seat getting broken down over time each time I get in the cab...wasn't much of an issue on my old Titan but the new leather seats seem to have higher edges....

Thanks guys!
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Suggestion, if you get the N-Fab and want them to last, get them stripped and re-powdercoated.

I had a set of A53/A36 steel tubes from N-Fab on my 2006 when they first came out. PA winters are harsh with road chemicals and salt. After one season, they looked like trash.

Warranty replacements from N-Fab were supposedly galvanized steel prior to powdercoating as stainless was too costly (per their email and my request). Second set didn't go on, but sat on my front porch for about 3 years as three of the studs on the truck broke when I took the first set off and as they are star-pointed press-in studs from the factory, not easily replaceable. Long story short, just sitting on my porch, they showed signs of corrosion through the coating and were flaking.

Back to the first set... As N-Fab did not want them back, I had them blasted and powdercoated by a local shop. They then went to Florida to live on a truck on the beach. Salt air. KRIKIES!!! :HUH:

But guess what? They were on that truck for about 4 years and still looked like brand spanking new!

Bottomline: N-Fab's powdercoating process sucks royal ***. Period. Yeah, it's more money for a new item... but you'll end up redoing them eventually anyway. Now, this was back in 2008-2009... they may have smartened up since then and rethought their coating process... I don't know. Just relaying my experience with them...
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