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Rockford Fosgate system went out - then came back!

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Hi, Id like to start of by saying Long time reader, first time problem poster. I just picked up my 07 Titan SE 4x4 last week (demo model with 8K miles on it) and I absolutely love it so far. It has the RF 10 speaker system, without satellite radio. Today I was driving the truck through a country road and had the music going at a normal volume, and all of a sudden half the speakers cut out. Before I could figure out which speakers stopped working, the bass on the sub under my seat went uncontrollably high, and then every speaker started making intense static noises. I thought maybe at first it was the radio station, so I tried to mess with the volume and audio settings, but it kept getting worse. I turned the radio off after I figured out something was seriously wrong, but loud static kept coming from the speakers for the rest of the drive. Needless to say I was pretty mad.

Anyway I got to my destination, turned the ignition off, got back in 10 minutes later. Tried the radio out and it worked PERFECTLY! Never a trace that anything went wrong with it. What troubles me about that is if theres a problem Id like to get it fixed, but since it hadnt given me any problems since then, what do I do? Should I just assume the system freaked out one time and it wont happen again? What could have caused that anyway? Any ideas? thanks
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hesham1 said:
I was driving the truck through a country road
Must of been some kinda paranormal activity or un-natural forces! :huh:
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