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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but once rodents get their smell into something they tend to attract others.

I went through it with a mouse nest in an old Honda Goldwing. They ate up the radio harness and there was a huge nest in the fairing. I cleaned it out and fixed the radio. The first damage occurred prior to my ownership.

The bike was left outside over the winter and they got in again and chewed up the replacement radio harness.

I read online there are no cure-alls but if you use the vehicle that’s huge.

I kept finding acorns in the intake, under the seat and on top of the engine even during the early fall while the bike saw use a few times a week most weeks.

The advice I followed that worked pretty well: mesh over intakes. Next is smell. If a rodent really wants to be there they’ll deal with it. Changing up the smells is supposed to help a lot. I just kept adding to my stash under the cycle cover.

In order of effectiveness on “my” rodents from most to least effective: moth balls (left in plastic bag with holes poked in it), a chunk of Fels Naptha Bar Soap, a pill bottle of chili powder/flake.

Over the winter I resorted to rodent poison bait but it’s not really good as birds of prey and other animals you don’t mean to kill can ingest the rodent or the bait directly and die.
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