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Roll Call to All FLA Titan members

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Hey I know this forum has been dead for a while....

I'm trying to see how many guys are still out there... ????

Reply if your still out there maybe we can organize a meet...
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I'm still here and the Titan is still Rippin'! haha 馃嵒
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Hey I鈥檝e seen lots of your post just moved to Pete have an 05 cc w uprev and tt and some other works I need suggestions for a local garage thanks in advanced
Yes, welcome! I just saw your message and replied. 馃馃徏
If you find a good garage in this area, let me know... Don't even think about taking your truck to Lokey Nissan, they manage to screw up an oil change and tire rotation on a consistent basis.
X2 on the no/go at Lokey. I've had issues with them in the past as well.

That's my absolute last resort... place.

Harbor Nissan used to be good, they did my trans yrs ago under warranty. I'm not sure about their rep these days though, but you could ask around?

I have a friend who is local and owns a shop thankfully. 馃檹馃徏
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts