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Rolling Power Outages Statewide

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Apparently a couple of power generating stations went down last night, which forced them to kick in an emergency plan to include rolling outages throughout the entire state.

We just had an outage here, lasted for about half an hour.
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I bought a generator after I had a pipe split during a winter power outage. I have a forced air gas furnace, so I just need to run the blower to heat the house. -16 F in my hood at the moment, so it would suck if the power went out. It would really suck w/o generator.
It was "only" about 13° out when I woke up this morning at 5:15. Not anything close to your temps, but that's cold for Austin.

If they keep the outages to half an hour or less, it's not really an issue except for traffic. Temps in Austin aren't expected to break the freezing mark, so I'm anticipating these rolling outages will continue for a while.
we just have wind and rain here, earlier the rain was freezing creating ice sheets. the ice build up is much heavier than snow and knocked out some power lines, tree, and poles. I made sure not to park under anything heavy today :lol:

the worst part is that traffic signals at major intersections are out with no blinking lights or traffic control devices, it's a free for all out there.

I'm glad the kids are home with momma today. I really couldn't believe that the schools had a 2 hour delay, for rain!
p.s. I really want to buy a generator to keep the heat and appliances on.
yeah that sucks bro. i saw pics of Dallas this morning on the news and the interstates are just ice. hope everyone stays safe. no snow or ice here but the wind chill is about 10
Austin is dry, but wind chills early this morning were at about 0°. Don't know what they're at here right now, but I just had to go throw some salt on the ice the sprinklers created at the office. 15 minutes out there and I was done.
Austin is dry, but wind chills early this morning were at about 0°. Don't know what they're at here right now, but I just had to go throw some salt on the ice the sprinklers created at the office. 15 minutes out there and I was done.
Sprinklers on in February? If it stays cold, there will be lots of work for sprinkler repairmen.
They'd been turned off during the last really cold spell but someone pranked us, I guess. The ground will stay warm enough to keep the sprinkler lines from freezing. Shouldn't be a worry.

I've turned them off again since the whole week looks bleak and cold.
Im in Oklahoma and we have had around a foot of snow, power has been off and on for two days now. Truck is stuck at the end of my driveway.
Power has been off twice at my house today already. About half an hour at a time. They're gently trying to let the public know that the rolling outages may continue for a few days.
We had our outage up here in Sanger at 8am. Only lasted the 15 minutes as quoted. Battery backup allowed me and the wife to keep on surfing on our laptops. Not going to work again today. Not that I couldn't get to work, just that I don't see the point. I've got quite a few hours of vacation saved up and there's no reason to break my truck or self if I don't have to.
Had ours at 8:15am....At work, in a meeting with customers that are in from Asia...power out for 2 hours and 13 minutes. NOT FUN
I haven't had one at my office....yet. There have been 3 at my home though.
The rolling outages stopped this evening, but we're being told they will resume tomorrow. :dunno:
Had them here at my work every 2 hours starting from 5am and lasted from 15-30 min each time, heater never had time to warm the office up. Neighbors power was out from 8am to about 6pm today. Never seen it this bad before.
I'm not sure I have either. Born (a long time ago) and raised here in Austin. Been here all my life. Very odd to see it unfold like it has.
Its been nasty here in Dallas for the last couple of days. Drove into work tonight for the first time in two days. Still a lot of ice on the side roads (about 3/4" thick), highways have a nice groove in each lane where the big rigs have broken up the ice, but the bridges and underpasses are still pretty nasty. What usually takes me 15-20 min. took me almost an hour, kept the Titan in third gear all the way and didn't go over 35 mph. They are calling for more snow Thursday night, Friday, and again on Monday after a brief warm up on Sat/Sun. Should be an interesting week, to say the least.
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