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Rolling Squeak

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Did some work to the Titan Flex 4x4 recently. Headers, Exhaust, Front Rotors and Pads... Since then I have been hearing a rolling squeak (rub?) from under the truck.. Its not one of the wheels because the cadence of the squeak (rub?) is slower than the revolution of the tire. Tested by shoving a rock in the F-Drivers tread.

I have done some research and people have heard a similar noise but there isn't a posted solution. Its not the hood latch or the exhaust hanger. Its not a shackle or suspension compression item. Its not inside the truck. My closest guess is the drive belt but I don't see any rub wear on the belt.. I know what a bearing squeal sounds like and it's not that. I can't think of anything under the truck that spins slower than the revolutions of the wheels...

Anyone heard of this or might have a guess as to what to check.
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Its definitely not the headers. Its definitely rolling. It doesn't happen while I am stopped and it continues while I am on the brakes.

The pitch goes up the faster I go and down when I decelerate. I will look into the rotor shield.. It could have been nudged while I was wrestling the headers.
How would one test the u-joint theory?? I did replace the front main driveshaft joint a couple years back.. I guess I could lift the back of the truck and have two people spin the back tires (open diff)?
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