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Roof Top Tent Suggestions

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Hi All,

I just purchased my 2019 Titan Pro 4x Crew Cab a month ago and loving it so far. I'm interested in a roof top tent for my family (me, wife, and two girls ages 9 and 10) that will sit on my Diamondback bed cover using the Front Runner rack system. I have done a fair amount of research online and in the various forums, but would love to hear feedback from Titan users.

I know there are a ton of tents that will fit, but I have some specific self imposed requirements that I'm trying to stick to:

1) I prefer it to sit below that cab and not extend past the bed for width and length. The one caveat is that it can extend past the bed, but not past the bumper. I think it works out to be about 75" max length.
2) It needs to be 4 person rated for my family
3) I am really interested in the newer hybrid tents, but not absolutely required....i like the hard shell that opens up and extends to the side (think iKamper Skybox).
4) I'm looking for best value. I want to spend as little as possible to get a quality product.

I was really turned onto the style of iKamper Skybox, but it is just too much money for me to spend on a RTT (and it is too long at 85"). I have subsequently looked into Torro Skylux, Desert Armor Warrior, Roofnest Condor XL, Tuff Stuff Alpha, and even searched Alibaba knock offs. It really looks like Tuff Stuff Alpha seems like the best price of all the iKamper knockoffs. I'm not sure of their quality.

I would love any feedback with your real world experiences. Also, if there is somewhere else I should look, I'm open to suggestions! I've added a photo of my future setup from Diamondback and Front Runner. Btw, it's on order for a delivery in January.

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Whoa, love it. I am waiting for my bonus this year and the Smooth Diamondback HD is first , with tool box and now that I see the front runner again, maybe that.
I have the 2018 Titan Pro4x Crew . Loving it . Welcome and look forward to seeing your choice of tent.
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