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Rough Country 20" LED Bumper mount

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I searched and searched and didn't see any posts about this...Don't understand why other than price...And it does say Titan XD....

20-inch Dual Row, Cree LED Bumper Kit for 2016 Nissan Titan XD Pickups | Rough Country Suspension Systems®

Looks super clean and comes with everything you need for a clean install. They make it sound like it works with other light bars that have the end cap attach points but I don't see anywhere on their website where I can buy the bumper brackets separately.

Thought I would share. Definitely considering. I have some property south of Orlando, where the only light besides headlights is the moon if its out. It gets wicked dark out there. It's a great option for those who need extra light but don't want what some call "a gaudy" light bar hanging off their roof or attached to the top of their front bumper.

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I see you posted over 6 months ago so you may have gotten your answer already, but this is the 20 in Rough Country LED light bar that I installed on my 2018 PRO-4X. If you zoom in you can see the brackets. I hung the brackets from the top and used the holes where the plastic fasteners held the lower grill. I had to cut the lower grill for it to fit. Also I had tinted the lightbar to black it out more, not sure why in the pic a couple of spots look darker on the LEDs, in real it all looks the same.
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