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Rough Country 4" Lift.

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Not sure if it's been posted on here, posted this of FB the other day.

Rough Country now sells a 4" lift with a drop bracket. Great for those 4wd who want a large level but not quite a 6" in. Costs the same as a 6" but it's nice.

They have pictures with the kit installed on a truck.
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I would have got this before I did all my suspension stuff. Since I didn't want to have a 6". Running 2.5" now 4 would be nice..
I'm guessing the 4" lift will actually lift around 5" considering how high the 6" lift is.
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wish that was around last year, much less $ than my rancho 4" kit was.
I would get it but its also a pretty price for install. I'll just stick with my 2.5" haha
Yea I saw that today actually. I will most likely go with this instead of the 6". 35s will fit nice and not look too small like I think they do with a 6" lift.
So, have there been any installs of this? I'm thinking about going this direction but would love to see some pics beyond what's on the RC website. I have always thought that the 6" drop bracket was so damn bulky. I'm wondering if the 4" bracket is a bit smaller. Also, Could you just put 6 inch spindles on this kit if you ever wanted the extra lift??
The spindles adjust the geometry with the spacer. So if it is the same configuration you need the longer spindles and the 6" spacer to lengthen the strut or bracket lift coilovers. Add to that, that the bracket may not drop the dif as far eating it wouldn't adjust cv angle right.

I'm betting the bracket is just as bulky.
Im new here. I just installed the RC 4 inch lift. Here is a pic.


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Looks awesome Knoxpro4x. By chance can we get some more pics? I'm assuming that pic doesn't do it justice.
Yes more pics knox! Did you go from stock? Level? Are you pleased with the height? Looks saweeeet!
Yeah that does look really good.
Thanks guys.. I will be posting more pics soon. I am very happy with the overall look. The T is sitting a little over 43 inches from ground to center of fender. It fits 35" fine. I went from stock 2014 pro 4x to this.
So at 43"all around, you picked up about 5-5.5" in the front and about 4" in the back.
That's 43 inches with the 35's. The lift its self is really close to 4 inches with stock 33's
How much did it cost ya to get installed
I installed it in a weekend, but a shop quoted me $700
I finally was able to upload more pics of the truck!!


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Looks good man. Glad your happy with it I may do it in the future
Knoxpro4x, if you don't mind me asking what kind of tire are you running and the exact tire size? Good looking truck, been looking at lifts for a while now and gonna go your route! Thanks
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