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rubber bed mat & dark gray winter mats for sale

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HI everyone.

Since I've parted with my 2005 Titan (ouch) there are a couple of items left.
I have a rubber bed mat (approx. a quarter inch thick) for a crew cab in excellent condition as well as a set of gray rubber (Nissan) winter mats for a crew cab. They too are in great shape. I am in northern New Jersey and would prefer a local pickup if possible and if not to far away meet up to sell these. I'm not too sure how much shipping would be but it could be done too.
Thanks for reading this and hopefully someone in here needs these items.
$50 for each.

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HI where in N NJ are you and do you have pics.. sorry about the loss>>>
West Orange, where you you from?
I took pictures but need to download them from the camera and then try to get them on here. I've never done that here.

I also have a set of Weathertech in channel window visors. They are the light tinted ones.


Interested in the mats if you will ship.
I sent you a PM a few days ago about the vent visors and mats but didn't hear anything back. Drop me a message when you get a chance
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