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Rubber bed mat for 2017 titan

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Where do I get a rubber bed mat. Amazon has them but not for the Titan , other manufacturers don't show the Titan . When I do find something it is a universal fit , and cost 20 dollars more , any suggestions? All the ratings on Amazon are for the ford, chev , dodge and the don't show fitment. Zee dee makes a good one but don't]know if it fits the Titan 5.5 bed . Need some help here please, thanks

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There was a post on here a while back a guy used stall mats he bought at tractor supply and cut to fit. It turned out great, it was on a first gen, but would work until something aftermarket comes out.
There are guys on here that waited 11yrs for things to come out for the the first gen titans, me being one of them, and it never happend. I wouldn't get your hopes up too much on a wide variety of aftermarket support if the 2nd gen is anything like the 1st. We are the red headed step child of the truck world.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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