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Rubber floor mats

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I ordered front all-season floor mats from the dealer. The accessories catalog picture shows "TITAN" in raised letters on each mat. The mats the dealer provided shows "NISSAN". I'am not pleased and will return.

Do your rubber mats show TITAN?

Here is what I was expecting.


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Mine look like the ones in the pic.
Mine say "Titan" on it and I ordered them from the dealer. I would take them back.
I feel embarrassed cuz im too cheap to buy floor mats, and i took the rubber floor mats out of our Durango. I grinded off DODGE that was raised in them :teethmast
mine say Titan too i got mine from the dealer for $75 bucks and its for my crew cab
The mats I received show "NISSAN". I ordered a pair of all season for the front only. The picture in the accessories shows "TITAN" for the front only part number.

The dealer says the NISSAN logo is correct for the front only part number.

Has anyone purchased front only all-season mats and what logo is shown.
i asked for a set for christmas, thought i would get a set of 4 that said Titan. I got only front ones that say Nissan. My wife got them at the dealer and was told they only offer front ones.
My two front ones show Titan, if I am not mistaken. When I purchased my Titan, I had the mats and tint thrown in for free...
Im on the phone with the bank taking out a second mortgage, I want to get a set of weather tech floor matts.

but those are nice.
I got "TITAN" on mine. Their gonna be collectors items some time soon...
I just bought new OEM rubber mats. They only say "NISSAN" in dinky, little characters, unlike the tough looking "TITAN" of the previous mats. Also, I couldn't get mats for my 2007, I bought the 2008+ (extra mat hooks) and use those.

I agree, the "TITAN" mats will become more valuable. Oh well, my NISSAN ones were only $27 shipped. And they are very good OEM quality.
Mine has "Titan", too. I bought them from my dealer.
I just bought a new 2011 Titan and needed all season mats also. I had purchased and returned some from eBay, as those also had no logo on them. I bought some from Aaron at 866-374-7490. They have the Titan logo on them. They are the cheapest anywhere. He also sold me fog lights for my Altima.
i think it was said before
if you ordered front ones only they show nissan, becuase they can be used with the armada
if you ordered front and rear, it will show titan, becuase they can NOT be used with the armada.

mine say Nissan by the way.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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