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Rubber Piece in the carrier bearing.

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I had purchased a lift kit a few years back, and i need a new rubber piece that goes inside the Carrier Bearing Drop Bracket cause the one inside is all chewed up and i get this REAL BAD rattle. A shop looked at it and turned the rubber piece around for me to see if it was a quick fix...well now its more of a muffled rattle but definitely the culprit. my question here is can i just get the rubber piece somewhere or a better replacement? does the bracket from PRG online come with this rubber piece? :confused:
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had the same problem with my truck. No, the prg drop bracket does not come with the rubber grommet you are looking for. I ended up getting a new carrier bearing from Here's the link. It was like $115. Then you have to have a driveline shop (I had nick install mine) install it because they have to remove the rear axle and slide the drive shaft back.

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You want part # 37520.

same part for 04-07 and 08+.

thank you so much that was a big help.
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