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Running Lights not working - 2011 Pro4x

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First post on here - Love the site.

Have a brand new Pro4x with 800kms. A problem I have run into that is frustrating me.

Hooked up to my boat trailer to test the lighting and noticed that everything is working on my trailer except my running lights. Brake lights and left/right signals all work fine. I have a round 7 connector to a flat 5 for the trailer.

I started trouble shooting to see if it's the boat or truck and have figured out it's the truck. I tried other trucks with the boat and everything worked fine while the truck doesnt power the running lights to any trailer I have hooked it up to.

Yesterday - Took it to the dealer and they found a blown fuse and replaced the relay. I took it back and hooked up to the trailer, again no running lights and the fuse was blown!

Today - Took it to the dealer and they put in a 20 amp fuse to see if it was a power problem (The 20 amp fuse will not be a permanent fix). now when I hook up to the trailer my side indicators are working but the rear running lights are not working.

Has anyone ever come across a problem like this? It's very frustrating being a first time Titan/Nissan owner. I think there may be a short somewhere along the wiring but they insist it isn't. They want me to bring both the boat and truck down. I know it's not the boat!

Do you guys have any advice at all for me. Would be much appreciated.


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Does the fuse blow when the trailer is not plugged in?

If they are not charging you each time you take the truck there, I would take the truck and boat to them and see what they find. :read:
I also have a 2011 Pro4x and noticed same thing when hooked up the travel trailer.... no running lights but signal and turn lights work fine. I know it is not the trailer as everything worked with the 2009 Titan. Have not had a chance to check it out yet but will be interested in what you discover.
If its blowing fuses there is a short somewhere.
On most trailers the running lights and the tail lights are wired to the same pin on the connector. If the running lights are not working, are your tail lights still working?
Thanks for all the comments.

I decided to trouble shoot the problem a little more and came to the conclusion it was a problem with the trailer. I went through the whole wiring assembly and came across a problem during manufacturing where they had a wire pinched between the frame and a bolt. This must have been causing the short as I cut and spliced the area and everything is now working perfectly.

Couldn't be happier.

Thanks again.

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