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S.A.W. question

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I put a pair a sway away coilovers on my truck a couple of weeks ago and set them at 2.5 inches of lift. Yesterday I remeasured everything and the truck is a good 1/2 inch lower in the front. Do the springs settle in and require an occasional adjustment or did I somehow mess up my original measurement.
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How did you measure them the first time? If you just "cranked" them up a bit, and didn't drive a bit then measure, then you got bad readings in the begining...
I don't remember mine sacking a bit...
Yes, I just let the jack down and measured. Havent checked it since until the other day. Thanks for the info.
yes, the coils settle over a couple weeks. the springs are real stiff but the weight of the truck will settle them. Crank em' back up.
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