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S&B Cold Air Intake FOR SALE

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Selling my S&B CAI setup.

Comes with tube, clamps, hose adapters, box and filter(which I just cleaned and reoiled).All components are in good condition.

The air box itself has a provision cut out of the front side of the box that allows for the RAM AIR Mod. I can provide the rubber grommet/coupler and the 4in Tubing that is used for the RAM AIR MOD, OR, You can patch/cover the whole yourself.

The Ram Air mod is simple, it does however require the removal of the windshield washer container and requires to cut our/dremel a 3-4in diameter hole in the plastic that separates the area behind the grill and the engine bay. This location is on the left hand side of the drivers side headlight. The Ram Air mod works really well. I have tested IAT (Intake Air Temps) when I had my superchips cortex and in 85deg weather, once moving, I was getting a 20-30deg reduction in intake air temperature. It receives oncoming air directly from the inlets of the grill. You won't have to worry about water ingestion unless you sink the truck up over the grill, which I don't know how you all are, but i'm not to fond of sinking my $35,000 truck in 5ft of mudd/water.

The asking price is $180 Shipped, this comes with all intake parts and ram air mod parts.

If you do not want the Ram air mod parts I will do $160 shipped.

This intake goes for around $230 minus shipping online.

I have had a couple local people ask if I was selling, but I stated that I would sell it on the titan boards first and give you guys the first opportunity to purchase.

PM me if interested, I accept paypal only. I will give paypal information once an inquiry is made to purchase.


The pictures above are before I cleaned the filter, right when I removed the setup. The pictures below are after I cleaned and Re-oiled the filter.