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So I'm trying to do a tune up on the whole truck; oil, tranny fluid, spark plugs.....and the S/C

I've never worked on it and I do know that it is a self contained unit that should not need to be messed with for some time. But, I have towed a travel trailer about 12 times since it's been in there so I'm sure I've used it a little more than the average person.

I was wondering where I'd drain the oil from? I've looked it up and think I have the answer but wanted verification. Is it located behind the supercharger, closer to the firewall? It's an allen head bolt sort of behind the rear belt/pullies?

I bought the oil and assume I need some sort of suction to suck it out. I've been watching youtube videos, but all of the other superchargers are much easier to manipulate (their drain plugs are always on the nose of the S/C)


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