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Safe to drive a 4x4 with the front driveshaft removed?

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I was wondering if it would be safe to drive a 4x4 after intentionally removing the front long as you didn't put it into 4wd of course.

I see where you could possibly gain a little power and a little more fuel economy.

Anyone have any ideas or comments about this?
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It is safe, but not recomended... We had to drive back from Wyoming to Texas in my dads 2500 without the front drive shaft after his front dif went out on him. We made it just fine. I am not sure on the power/mpg gain though. We were too worried about something else going out on his truck while pulling a 5th wheel.
Had mine out for a month while swapping out the u-joints on the drive shaft.
No issues
It wont hurt anything but increase in MPG's will be minimal.
Trade you drivetrains, I'll even do all the work. :)
Trade you drivetrains, I'll even do all the work. :)
I need my 4wd for offroading and winter use!
I was just messin' with ya.
Actually you should drive with the t-case in 4x4 that way the front output is turning thus turning the t-case oil pump.
I second that the drive shaft has something to do with the transfer case oil pump, short term get home with a broken diff ok, taking it out for summer driving = Bad news bears
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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