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Santa brought me a S&B CAI!!!!!

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you guys said these things were awesome. and boy were yall right. it sounds so freakin awesome when i hit the gas. i can feel a little bit of estra umph when i punch it too. me and my dad put it in this mornin, took about 45 minutes. question though, when removing the oem lower air box, did anybody else have 3 screws attaching it? the directions only said there were 2, and we had to end up takin out the winshield washer fluid holder thing to get to it, cause it was way down in there. but we finally got it.

and i absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!
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well crap...i tried yankin it and all, but it just wouldnt come out. guess i shoulda tried a little harder. well at least we got it off and all.
thebab said:
This thread is useless without piktars!

there ya go!!!
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according to my scangauge, i have been getting about 2mpgs better since i put on that intake. but of course, thats only over the past couple days. so i cant really judge it on that. im about to be needin to fill up, so im gonna average it out on my next tank, and see if im still gettin better gas mileage.
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