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Santa brought me a S&B CAI!!!!!

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you guys said these things were awesome. and boy were yall right. it sounds so freakin awesome when i hit the gas. i can feel a little bit of estra umph when i punch it too. me and my dad put it in this mornin, took about 45 minutes. question though, when removing the oem lower air box, did anybody else have 3 screws attaching it? the directions only said there were 2, and we had to end up takin out the winshield washer fluid holder thing to get to it, cause it was way down in there. but we finally got it.

and i absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!
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I put my S&B in and a billet grill on yesterday too. I am tackling the leveling kit today. I can't believe the difference that the S&B made.

I was just cruising along around 2K to let it get warmed up and dumped it to the floor next to a Hemi Ram and judging by the look on the guys face, I think we both about sh*t ourselves.
I know that it has to have a lot more power and a lot less restriction. The engine throttles up so much faster than it did before. I have scared innocent bystanders just by putting it in neutral and revving it while going down the road.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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