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Saturday Delivery?

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I don't supposed there's a possibility I will see a Saturday delivery of my truck? Seeing as how the dealership and superlube are open, even if it was delivered the service guys aren't there to "prep" it... Or do they usually keep a couple there for prepping in case they make a sale?

Argh... :)
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I have never heard of a dealer that would not deliver a vehicle when the customer wanted it. Yes, most dealers have someone available to do the PDI (takes about an hour) during sales hours. If not, they may make a "spot delivery". That means they will let the customer take the vehicle without PDI and have them return in a few days for it. Other dealers will do the PDI's as they receive the vehicles and they are ready to go. When you do pick it up be sure to look it over very carefully for dents, scratches, flaws in paint, dirt or tears on soft trim. These things are not covered by the warranty and the dealer might not be willing to fix them later. Just have any problems noted in writing with agreement to correct later and have the dealer sign to acknowledge.

I checked the lot every morning and evening for my Titan and didn't wait for a phone call. Just went in and said "I'm here for my Titan!"

Go see if it's there tomorrow (and enjoy the ride!!!)
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