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Saturday Delivery?

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I don't supposed there's a possibility I will see a Saturday delivery of my truck? Seeing as how the dealership and superlube are open, even if it was delivered the service guys aren't there to "prep" it... Or do they usually keep a couple there for prepping in case they make a sale?

Argh... :)
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I do plan on calling or going in... I dump my used oil at the dealership I'm getting it from and I plan on changing the oil on my ATVs tommorow... may be a good reason to go bug em. :)

I'm so anxious I'm trying to figure out "why would they ship the vehicle and expect the driver to wait through the weekend to deliver it..."

I figure if they left wednesday morning (when it showed up on the web) it should be there! I'm also going through my head possible scenarios..

"Your salesperson was sick for the last two days.. your truck has been here but we wanted her to deliver it for you"

"We were so busy we forgot to call..."

and the worst, which they wouldn't admit..

"We wanted more than the one SE we've had for months on the lot for the weekend for people to look at... That black LE is nice! Don't worry, we only let a couple test drives happen with it..."

I bet you'll all be happy when I finally get it so I don't keep posting questions like this... LOL!
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Got a call this morning from the dealership. Unfortunatley it was just to "touch base"... They were hoping for a delivery last night but the truck wasn't there this morning. So, most likely it will be dropped off tonight or sunday night (depending on the driver's mood I guess). They're showing it in stock now. I said "ya, it showed up on Wednesday at 9am online.." LOL... They haven't received their other SE yet either which showed up Tuesday online.. and they are waiting for a couple other nissans, so hopefully Monday will be the day. At least this weekend is going fast.. LOL!
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