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Been doing alot of looking around trying to figure out which "kit" or "parts" to buy in order to get my girls truck lifted up over ther current stock height..Not sure how to decifer all the parts..there the mini lift..the spacers the pro comp kit etc...what exactley will I need in order to get her truck up high enough to comfortably fit up to 35' tires if we decided to do that? With out breaking the wallet? thanks truck is 2007 CC LE 2wd....
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well I know mods can be expensive, but I also know sometimes there are other routes that can be taken to achieve same results...Like do I really need to spend 3k to achieve a 6-7 inch lift when it can be dont for as little as $1300 by you know what I looking at the mini lift and spacer and leaf springs etc looks to be a cheaper way to lift the truck versus buying a all out lift kit...but like I said I know **** about this and Im willing to spend some cash....but I still need to finish purchasing stuff for my Vette but Im doing some research and If I find the right deal willing to make a purchase...
It's a 2WD, why not go with spindles/spacers up front and blocks in the rear. This would be the most economical method of achieving 6"+ of lift.
^^ Ok there we go thats what Im looking for I suppose PRG or some other vendor here has them at what price? thanks Sammy will have to come buy you a beer when I return to Hinesville...
I see/hear this all the time..."I want to do some suspension mods, what should I do?"

What do you want to do with the truck? You want a totally street lift, or do you want the truck to perform even better then it looks, maybe just a mild front lift to level it out, are looks more important then replaceing all the shocks?
Start thinking about the right answer, or know what you DON'T want, and give Greg a call at PRG. He will ask you the same basic questions and offer his advice on how to get your truck where you want it to be, and won't try to sell you more then you really need. Mention PRG here and all you will hear is about the same I just told you, Greg is totally solid!
Just want it up 6-7inches higher, level ride trying not to take away from the comfort of the stock ride can always improve but I dont want a stiff suspension...not taking it off roading, maybe drivin it over some flat country dirt roads nothing too much... Im stationed in Iraq so any phone calls will be well until after I return, but at the same time I want these bought and put on her truck before we get back as a surprise...
Titan_Troop - Hey, same thing. I want my 07 4X4 with the same street-able ride with the option of doing a lil off-road. I have a ton of bolt ons such as exhaust, throttle spacer, CAI, but the suspension thing is a tricky subject. I went with a CST 7" lift. Let me know what you plan on doing.
Also, i am in Iraq...currently at the VBC...Where u at?
Im in Ramadi...Im still looking for th eright set up also..guess I'll Email PRG see whats up...let me know if you get a kit together that doesnt break the
Well, I am seeing a lot of people like the CST lift. Maintains street-ability plus gives you the option to do serious off-roading. There is a lot of knowledgeable people on hear that know their business. Read, Read, Read...
Check this tread out.

Lots of info on all the lifts and shocks. CST requires cutting so if you have the tools, skills and nads to do it, go for it. If not, one of the other options may suit you. :thumbsup:
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