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Scratched/Dented my truck

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So long story short..I took my truck to the dealer. They replaced my rack and pinion, brake pads, and resurfaced the rotors (all steming from problems w/noises from both)

They call me and say "we have some good news and bad news"..obviously the good news was they fixes all my problems....the bad news was they F#@$%# up my driver side fender and door. Apparently, their porter misjudged the tire size while backing out and ran over some brake tool that fell and scratched and dented my truck..So I took the truck from them and told them I will call them today and let them know what I want them to do..

so my question for you guys....What should i have them do??? I absoultely hate the fact that they're going to have to repaint the fender because everyone knows the paint never matches. Should I give it back to them and let them do the repair or get some quotes?? I dont want them to half *** it like them probably will

you cant see the dent on the door but its below the molding in two places and the scratch is down to the metal. It was dented too but they had some guy come out and pull it before i got there


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you would be suprised. back in the day yeah you could tell an after market touch up. but now days the colors(at least the place i go)the colors are computer generated to whats on the truck. i had a front end painted before and even i couldnt tell. the only thing that i recommend is not to use body filler. so if it requires a new fender than so be it....good luck
In all honesty, I would probably prefer the dealer (aka the dealers out sourced body shop) do the work than any other place off the street you find.
Have it fixed by whoever you think will do the best job. The paint should be easy for a competent body shop to match.
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