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screw for back mudflap

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I love my Titan, have had it for about a year and its been trouble free until the back mudflap came loose. I took it to the dealer and they told me that they could not fix it. I then took it to another dealer in the same city and they could not get the stinking screw to fix the problem. This crap Nissan needs to address because even though its a little problem who knows what other parts cannot be ordered. If anyone knows how to come by one of these screws please let me know.
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Home Depot? What does the screw look like?
Is it the stock plastic mudflap?
The dealer can't screw your truck? :huh: That's just wrong..... :lol:

Seriously, any fastener store can supply those screws whether they are self-tapping, washer-heads, tappits, whatever. Just take it someplace other than Home Cheapo or Blowes. You need a REAL fastener store. Check your local yellow pages. Worth the effort.... and save you the frustration.
Here are a couple of shots of a stock plastic mudflap screw that I just took out of mine.


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Stop at the hardware store. They have 'em.
Looks like an ordinary self tapping, sheet metal type screw. Any hardware, home store should have them in stock. I have a coffee can full of odds and end screws.

It's not neccessary to use the exact same screw, just get as close as you can. You could even use one that is a little larger in diameter as they thread theirselves when you screw them in.
Boy if you don't sound easy!!! :rofl:

Oh, NVM!!! Title of thread is misleading!!!

Thought this was Craigslist!!! LOL
I have a brand new 08 that is only two months old. The first time i washed it i noticed the rear mudflap was loose and that one of the screws were missing. It took them about a week to get the screw to me. Anyway, when i screwed it in it was stripped out on the inside and i had a feeling before i screwed it in that was going to be the case because i figured that's why the other one fell out. Anyway, it's holding. I was able to get it to bite a little but if i turned it further it would just spin. I'll deal with it eventually.
One of the techs should have a pile of the screws in his junk drawer of his tool box. These screws have been around for some time. We always come up with extras in the package that came with the mudguard kits when I used to work for a dealer. Somebody has some they are just to lazy to look.
like others have said-- its a common sheet metal screw.

I took all mine off last night-- 12 total. Had to put several back on after removing the mud flaps, to hold the wheel well covers on. Looks like I am also giong to need to plug some holes in the body, and clean off a bunch of sticky glue and foam tape, and polish those areas as they haven't been cleaned since it was born... truck is going to be detailed Saturday morning, after it gets back from its makeover. :D
it probably doesn't need a screw. the plastic piece that clips into the body is probably stripped out and won't hold the screw. just have the dealership order you a new one. easy
I have the screw. What I need is the plastic piece that sits in the metal of the fender that takes the screw. Ideas?
Go to Ace Hardware. They have backing fasteners that should work. Get a plastic one if you can. I would avoid the metal ones because they may scratch the surface of the fender and allow rust to get started.
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