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gksmith said:
I've read the options sheet and looked at the trucks. But I'm still not sure which model to get.

I will mostly have mix of hw and city miles and several trips towing a 4500 lb camper (possible upgrade in 1-2 years). I'm also in upstate NY so chances for serious offroad work is limited at best - unless I slide off the road during winter. :)

Give the difference in options I'm trying to get a feel from current owners of SE and PRO-4X - if you could do it over, would you have switched models?

I'm not too interested in the LE due to price and the 20" tires (not good for snow or towing).

Because with the PRO-4X model you're getting options that you'll never use or care about. The difference between the two are shocks, skid plates and the e-locker. Get an SE and pick out the packages you want. Also - don't let them talk you into the 'tow package' if you never plan on hauling more than 7k lbs. It'll hurt your MPG and be pretty much worthless.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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