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SE or XE

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What is a good way to tell an XE from and SE?
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on the XE front bumper is plastic and painted. rear bumper is grey painted metal. no side trim on doors,

on se you get chrome center metal bumper up front, and chrome bumper in rear. you also get the trim on the doors.

you can also look at the tailgate. if it just says 5.6 its probably a xe if it says se or le well... that is what you have.

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What year?

Like the others have said, color matched grille, no door ding guards are a sign of an XE. That is, if the previous owner has not changed out parts.

If before 07, look at the door jam and check what size tire is listed. If it lists an 18 inch wheel, it is either an SE or LE. If it lists and 17 inch wheel that is not a 285 series, than good chances it is an XE.

Things changed 08+, so im not sure how to be totally sure with those years.
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