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JetForeman said:
Are you still waiting?
That all depends what's out there when I'm ready for a new truck. I still have my tundra.
Here's why I bought the tundra. In the summer of 99 I was in the market for a truck, heard toyota was gonna have a 1/2ton. I waited till it was release. I read magazines for info and specs. I test drove all 4 of them. The ram was the 1st off my list. Didn't have enough umph to move it's own weight, didn't like the interior that much and noisy. The f150 was next. It ran out of breath once it reached higher rpms, the seats just isn't for me. The sierra and tundra both accellerated almost identical with the sierra having a slight jump at first then steady all the way to red line while the tundra had a softer jump then continues to pull harder and harder, feels kinda like a turbo kicking in. I came very close to buying the sierra but the steering wheel was not centered with the driver. At the end it came down to the tundra. Also at the time the tundra was released it was the quickest of the bunch, a big plus in my book. If I gotta get going, it better be going. I like power and that is a big determaining factor for me when buying a truck.
This is kinda why I'm here on a titan sight, to get to know the truck for future knowledge.
1 - 3 of 68 Posts
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