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I went with the SE instead of the LE because it's a TRUCK. :) I had an '02 Pathfinder LE I traded in on the Titan. It had the bells and whistles of the LE Titan. Auto lights (I hated, and never used in the Pathfinder). I never got past the "seeing my lights still on when I walked inside the house" thing. It had the sunroof, which 95% of the time I kept the visor closed on. It had leather, which, true enough was nice, but I don't need in a truck. I also like the column shifter I have in my Titan. Having the OPTION to carry a third passenger up front is nice. And, if nothing else, the ability to sit something on the seat right next to me is convenient. The open floor space instead of the shifter is just nice... Rear sonar? Why would I need that? :rollingey There's just nothing in the LE that I don't have in my SE that doesn't scream "I bought a truck just to have a truck, but I'll NEVER use it like it's built to be used." :)
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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