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seat belt pretensioner HELP, 2004 titan

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i have a flashing air bag light on dash, after doing the on/off sequence to diagnose it, it gave me 3 quick blinks which seems to indicate the RH belt pretensioner, how do i test this at the plug in?, yellow/blackyellow wires go into the pretensioner.
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dang it, i have been testing the pretensioner , however after re-reading the flashing key, it is the satellite sensor code...any ideas how to determine which one?, how do you test those?
ok,it is the RH satellite sensor...
the code is for a RH satellite sensor, however that is for a side curtain, which my truck doesnt have (after taking door panels off), also while i had the panel off i checked the ohms to the seat belt tensioner, it was right at 2.2 ohms which is where it should i split the rubber cover over the wires coming in from the back swing door and it has a black wire that is broken, i tested it to a ground and it has continutity, so i am assuming it is a ground wire, i reconnected it to the other black wire that was disconnected, re ran all the reset the srs light sequence...still a blinking light, 2 separated by 3 quick blinks...which indicates RH curtain air bag, which i dont have...UGHHHHH

i am about to give up and buy an old 1985 ford...only other thing i can check is if maybe the other wires might be broken off inside the insulation and just not broken all the way...any other thoughts???
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