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I plan to install seat covers on my 2015 Titan and will likely go with Wet Okole brand.

But I am not sure how to install the driver seat portion around the electric control switches.

See attached photo from the Wet Okole web site. (This is not exactly my Nissan configuration, but similar.)

Some seat cover manufacturers say "because of problems fitting around controls, we do not cut openings for them. You just need to carefully cut them yourself."

Hmmmm, um, yeah. That sounds like a cop-out by the manufacturer and begging trouble to me.

Yeah, I saw this:

The switches have little plastic knobs, and under the knobs are plastic escutcheons. See Nissan diagram attached. They say "remove them", but they don't say HOW to remove them.

Question: If you have installed seat covers around the switches, how did you do it?

Many thanks.


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I have my seat covers over the top of the switches, I can still use them easily, but that will all depend on. The thickness of the seat cover.
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