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seat covers and 18" oem wheels

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I posted this a couple of months back I got some replies but no sale. I got some black seat covers custom make for the titan don't know the brand since the dealership got them for me. They were on my 09 CC 40/20/40 in front with non opening armrest 80/20 in the rear with armrest in the middle. The rims have no road rash and the tires have about 9k on them still plenty of tread. I was originally asking 450 but I'll let everything go for 300 just come and pick up or meet somewhere, I'm in So Cal. I got the black hood bug deflector that came with truck u guys can get that as well, this is just taking space in my garage. If you guys want pics there some floating around in the old thread if you cant find them hit me up.
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have any pics of the seat covers?
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