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Seat question

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So I have some really tore back front seats in my Titan. I have a set from a 2009 that I bought some time back off of CL , turns out its for a crew not a king ( i have a kc). I have saved the money for and bought a new drivers side
butt cushion and back cushion (mine are toast). I decided to do the passenger 1st in case there were any problems I could still drive.
Dissasembly was a piece of cake, though the velcro was tough and hog rings was a little trying. Re-assembly was another issue. Nissan made changes in 07, I was told that it was just in the quality of the fabric by the guy I bought the covers from. turns out were they use velcro on the o4 they use hog rings on the newer. Trying to improvise I cut the hog ring rails off thinking I could attach velcro. So I jumped in the truck and went searching for velcro at the store . What was on the 04 seat was different than what the sell at the fabric, arts , h. depot or wallyworld. After trying a few things I finally cut the velcro off of the o4 covers and sewed them on the o9 covers. The butt pad cover was fairly easy, the back rest pad cover is not close. It looks like itfits but the 09 is taller by 3 inches between the headrest holes and where the cross rail of hog rings and it looks like crap but I am past the point of no return. I stopped at the passenger seat and am holding back on the driver seat. SO HERE IS MY QUESTION! If I buy seat pads (but and Back) for 07 and up will they fit the 04 seat frame (I can try to sell my brand new in the package 04 butt and back pads on ebay) The cover should fit then?
I already permanently modified the passenger seat I cant go back. But I really dont want the drivers side looking like crap to. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


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Since Nissan could not help and nobody on this site had any ideas I decided to move on with the driver seat. I pulled everything apart to discover that when the technician at the nissan dealer in poway , ca replace the seat covers under warranty in 2005 he tore the rods for the rings out of the seat foam! so I had no rings to use on the new covers and pads. What a piece of @#*!. I called the dealer and they forwarded my call to niisan customer care who told me if I can get them the part # for the hog rings they would send me some for free. I asked him why nissan couldnt retrieve thier own part #
They told me they couldnt find it. I went back to the dealer showed them the seat and the work order ( from warr. repair) The service manager apologized and said he would get me the hog rings and would like another chance to get me back as a customer. He said he had the parts dept on it and would call me asap. That was over two weeks ago! I havent heard anouther word from him. I really dont think I will buy another nissan product again the owner of nissan dealer in poway own all of the nissan dealers in san diego and san diego county except one (otherside of san diego).
I went to the hardware store bought a box of hog rings (100 $4.37)
shaved and glued top of seat. I took cover to upolstery shop had velcro sewn on to match pads and installed. looks ok. for sale complete black backseat (crew not king) no headrest) looks brand new $50.00
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