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Anyone notice that the seatbelts, all of them (except the middle ones), after being used, not going back to the original positions due to the narrow space. And then when you drive off, they hit the pannels making these noise. You have to manually put them back in place. This is my first truck so may be noise is expected?

Also, when pull the lever on the driver seat (not sure about the passenger's) to adjust the back angle, it won't move due to the friction between the driver's seat and the middle seat (bench). You have to stop and use 2 hands, one to pull the lever and one to move the back.

Oh, and the little plastic cap that covers the 2 screws that hold up the sun visors fell off on the passenger side. I pushed it back in place but I didn't see how it will stay for long.

No big deal, just irritating....
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